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Escalate to Case link is not available for Chatter Answer's Users in Community

Knowledge Article Number 000211824
Description The "Escalate to Case" link is not available on the Q&A Tab (Chatter Answers) for community members.
Resolution If the Community member is not an internal Salesforce user (created from a contact record) they will not have visibility to the "Escalate to Case" link when viewing Questions in the Q&A or Chatter Answers Tab.

This behavior is by design however, if the user is an internal Salesforce user and a member of an Answer's enabled community and the "Escalate to Case" link is unavailable check the following application areas:

  • The user's assigned profile to ensure they have at least Read access set for Accounts and Read and Create access set for the Case object
  • Profile has the "Moderate Chatter Feeds" or "Moderate Communities Feeds" permissions
  • Apply the Question field to your Case page layouts and ensure that you have set field level security for it via profiles as outlined in step 6. of Setting Up Answers
  • Ensure that the user has access to the case record type being used when the case is created via Escalate to Case

Note: The ability to choose Customer Only to post your answer as a private reply, or choose Everyone to post it as a public reply are only available for selection if the case was created from a question that was escalated to a case from the community via the Escalate to Case feature. These options are not available for private questions posted by community members and will not be available when selecting "Answer Customer" action from the case feed.

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