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Send mass email to Contacts or Leads associated to custom object

Knowledge Article Number 000211835
You can send out mass emails to your Contacts or Leads by first creating a report, and then adding your Contacts or Leads to the Campaign. Learn the set-up steps below. 

Add Contact Records to your Campaign

First, you'll need to create a new Report using these steps: 

1. Click Reports. 
2. Click New Report. 
3. Select the Report Type for the Custom Object with Contacts.
2. Create a Custom Report Type for the Custom Object with Contacts if you do not see the object.
3. Run a report to list all the Contact records for the Custom Object.
4. Click Add to Campaign (You can select an existing Campaign or create a new Campaign to add Contact records to).


Use the Campaign for sending Mass Email

1. Click Contacts | Mass Email Contacts. 
2Create a View, and then select the Campaign
3. Select a List View of recipients, and then click Go

By default the My Contacts, My Leads, Active Users, or My Cases views include all records of that type with an email address.
1. To change the list of recipients, create a new custom view
2. Enter the View Name and View Unique Name. 
3. Select the "Campaign" option and Add Campaign.
4. Then select the list view and filter.
5. Click Save.
6. Click Next.
7. Choose an email template, and Optionally, click the Preview links to view the templates.
8. Click Next.
9. On the confirmation page, select from the available Processing Options:

  • BCC me on one message
  • Store an activity for each message
  • Mass Email Name
  • Enter a name you can use to identify this mass email in the mass email queue.

10. Select 'Send Now' if you wish to send Emails right away or select "Schedule for delivery on" if you wish to schedule a Mass Email in the future.
11. Click Send to submit the mass email.
12. Click Finished to complete the mass email wizard.

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