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Why am I getting the error "Sorry, your adminstrator has blocked access to this client" when logging in with Apex Data Loader?

Knowledge Article Number 000211845
Description A user's ability to connect to their Salesforce organization using the Apex Data Loader can be controlled by the  selections made to the Dataloader Partner or Dataloader Bulk Salesforce Connected Apps by a system administrator. By default, these Connected Apps are set to allow individual users to self-authorize and connect with Data Loader without any additional configuration.

If a system administrator sets the Permitted Users setting to the "Admin approved users are pre-authorized" value, only users who are granted access either on their Profile or by Permission Set will be able to connect to the organization with the Data Loader. 

NOTE: This restriction applies to System Administrators as well as other kinds of users.

A user who hits the Connected App restriction when logging in via Data Loader, will receive this error message:

Sorry, your administrator has blocked access to this client.
Resolution End users may need to reach out to their Salesforce organization's system administrator(s) for assistance.

There are multiple ways that a system administrator can allow user access to Dataloader.

1. If the Connected App restriction was set in error, then reverting the setting to allow all users to self-authorize will enable all users in the organization to login with the Apex Data Loader.
- Navigate to Setup | Manage Apps | Connected Apps
- Click on the appropriate Connected App (e.g. Dataloader Partner or Dataloader Bulk).
- Click on Edit.
- Under OAuth policies, change the "Permitted Users" picklist to "All users may self-authorize"
- Click Save.

2. Assign the appropriate Connected App to the user, either by Profile or by Permission Set. 

These instructions are for controlling access by Profile using the enhanced Profile Editor. 
- Navigate to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles
- Click on profile name (such as System Administrator or Standard User)
- Click on "Assigned Connected Apps"
- Click "Edit"
- Under "Installed Connected Apps" highlight the name of the apps or apps to be assigned to this profile (such as Dataloader Bulk or Dataloader Partner).
- Click "Add"
- Click "Save"
The process for doing this by permission set is similar to the steps above, once you have created the Permission Set.

NOTE: With the Spring '15 release, improvements to the Partner (SOAP) and Bulk APIs resolved an issue that caused the above selections in these Connected Apps to be ignored.

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