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Knowledge Article Number 000211877
Description As an Admin, how can I export all private and public goals?
Resolution To export all public Goals, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Workbench
2. Select the following information:
  • Environment: Production
  • API Version: 32.0
3. Navigate to Workbench | Settings
4. Scroll down to Query & Search Options section and enable Allows SOQL Parent Relationship Queries
5. Click on Apply Settings button
6. Navigate to Queries | SOQL Query
7. Select the CSV radio button under View as
8. Copy and paste the query below in the Enter or modify a SOQL query below box
SELECT Parent.IdParent.Name, Parent.ActualValue, Parent.ActualValueExternalUrl, Parent.CompletionDate, Parent.CreatedById, Parent.CreatedDate, Parent.Description, Parent.DueDate, Parent.FlaggedAs, Parent.ImageUrl, Parent.InitialValue, Parent.IsDeleted, Parent.IsKeyCompanyGoal, Parent.LastModifiedById, Parent.LastModifiedDate, Parent.LastReferencedDate, Parent.LastViewedDate, Parent.MetricType, Parent.MetricTypeDataSource, Parent.OwnerId, Parent.ParentId, Parent.PriorityOrder, Parent.Progress, Parent.RootId, Parent.State, Parent.SystemModstamp, Parent.TargetValue, Parent.TargetValueExternalUrl, Parent.Type, Parent.Weight FROM WorkGoalShare WHERE RowCause = 'Manual' and Parent.Type='Goal' AND UserOrGroupId in (select id FROM Group where Type='Organization') 

If you would like to export all Goals in the system, use the query below:
SELECT Id,Name, ActualValue,ActualValueExternalUrl,CompletionDate,CreatedById,CreatedDate,Description,DueDate,
Progress,RootId,State,SystemModstamp,TargetValue,TargetValueExternalUrl,Type,Weight FROM WorkGoal WHERE Type = 'Goal' 

Once all public and private Goals are exported, use Excel to filter private goals.


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