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What should I consider when choosing an Edition of Salesforce to Trial?

Knowledge Article Number 000211879
Description What do we need to know before we select an Edition of Salesforce?
Resolution Below are a few items to consider and links to helpful resources to help you decide on what Edition is best for you and your organization.
  1. The price of Salesforce Editions.  Salesforce Pricing and Editions page  
  2. You must consider what features are important to you and your organization. Salesforce Features and Edition Limits  & General Salesforce Limits  
  3. Talk with your Account Executive for additional information or concerns that you may have.
  4. Note that once you have selected an Edition to trial you may only Upgrade Editions.**
. ** There is only one exception when downgrading Trials, Professional Edition can be downgraded to either Group Edition or Contact Management Edition.  You must also convert the edition while in Trial Status.  Otherwise if you choose to purchase a lower edition and don't convert while in Trial Status you will be provided with a new Org.  This will require you to migrate your Data and Metadata from the Trial your Production Org. For assistance with that you may reference: What steps are needed to migrate my data from one organization to another?   

Also note that there can be Data Integrity issues if you downgrade your Trial Edition.  For example:  In your Professional Edition Trial you attach Leads to a Campaign by making them a Campaign Member.  Then you have your Trial Edition downgraded to Group Edition.  The Leads that were Campaign Members of a Campaign will need to be deleted and re imported.  The reason for this is they can not be converted to Contact, Account, and optionally Opportunity because Group Edition does not have Campaigns.

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