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Add yourself as a member of a Community if the Manage Link is missing

Knowledge Article Number 000212095
Description It's now required that your profile be listed as a member of the Community in order to Manage it. If your profile is not listed as a Member then the new Manage Link won't be visible. We'll show you how to add your profile back into the Community using the Apex Data Loader tool.

Create the CSV file for insert

1. Get your ParentID (Profile) and NetworkID (Community).
    - Profile ID can be copied from the URL of the Profile detail page.
ParentID image
   - NetworkID can be gathered by right clicking on the URL for the Community in the All Communities page in setup. Select Inspect Element and it should give you a console view below the page with the NetworkID highlighted.
NetworkID image

2. Create a .csv using a program such as Microsoft Excel and include the following Columns:
3. Input the ID's into the appropriate fields.
4. Save the file.

Insert using Data Loader

1.  Download and install the Data Loader tool.
2.  Open Data Loader and click Insert.
     - The login screen should load.
3.  Login using your Salesforce username and password. 
4.  Click Next.
      - You should now be at the "Select Salesforce object" page.
5.  Click the checkbox next to "Show all Salesforce objects."
6.  Select Network Member Group from the picklist.
7.  On the same page, click Browse.
8.  Add CSV file you just saved.
9.  Click Next.
      - You'll see a "Data Selection" window showing how many records will be updated.
10. Click OK.
      - You 'll be on the Mapping portion of the process.
11. Click Create or Edit a Map.
12. Click Auto-Match Fields to Columns
13. Click OK.
14. Click Next.
15. The Final step is to specify where to save the "Success and Error" files when the process completes, click Browse
16. Click Finish.

Now check the "All Communities" page in setup to confirm that you now see the "Manage" link on the row of the affected Community.

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