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How do I mass update record types using Data Import Wizard?

Knowledge Article Number 000212111
Description Customer wants to update Contact records and assign them to correct Record Type.

To mass update record types for multiple records using Data Import Wizard, follow the instructions below:

In order to export Contact records along with their Salesforce Id's, do the following.

1. Go to Reports tab and choose New Report
2. Under Accounts and Contacts select Contacts and Accounts
3. Click Create button.
4. Under FILTERS click ADD and specify the below mentioned criteria and press OK
a. Contact Name equals <specific Contact Name>(If applicable)
5. Under SHOW choose ALL ACCOUNTS
6. Under RANGE choose ALL TIME
7. Ensure that you add 'Id' and 'Contact Record Type' fields from the left panel.
8. Once your report is ready, hit RUN REPORT
9. Click EXPORT DETAILS and click EXPORT after choosing CSV format type.

Once you have the Id's for Contact records and the Record Type, we need to update that CSV to update the records.

In salesforce go to Customize >> Contact >> Record Type >> Click on the record type name that you wish to apply to your records.
Now copy the 15 character Alpha Numeric ID from the Address bar after "id=".  

For example:
If, the Record Type Id for the Contact record type = 01290000000uF5s
Copy this Id and replace the existing Record Type Id in the CSV.
Save the .Csv file.

1. Go to Setup
2. Expand “Data Management” section
3. Choose “Data Import Wizard” option
4. Choose Account and Contacts.
5. Select ‘Update existing records’ option.
6. Open the CSV and map the fields as required.
7. Start the import once all fields are mapped.
8. Start importing of the records.

Note : Please keep in mind that when record type are associated to specific page layout. That layout may have required fields. If the import file does not have values for those required fields, the change will not happen.

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