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DATETIME formula field in related lists displays time in GMT

Knowledge Article Number 000212117
Description This issue happens when,
  • There is a custom field with a formula that access a DATETIME field AND
  • You use that custom field in a related list.

The date time data value is in GMT and not time zone sensitive.

For example,
Consider a  'Time Sheet' parent record and 'Time Entry' child record in the related list.
Assuming 'Time Entry' has a DATETIME field called 'Start_Date_Time__c'

Create a custom formula field in the 'Time Entry' object with this
    TEXT( Start_Date_Time__c)
When viewing the time entry record in the related list, the date time shown in the custom formula field is in GMT timezone. It does not take into account of the timezone setting of the users.
Resolution Unfortunately, we cannot change this behavior.
For more details, refer the Known Issue link.

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