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Salesforce1 - See News about Accounts

Knowledge Article Number 000212120
Description With Account Insights in Salesforce1, sales reps can stay updated with the latest news on their accounts, anytime, anywhere. This feature is available in all versions of the mobile app.

If you enable Account Insights for your organization, the Account News card appears on Account related information pages. The card shows one top news item for the account. Tap More to see up to 10 news items. For Salesforce1 downloadable app users, Account News also appears in Salesforce Today.

The news items that each user sees are unique, based on the account’s name and industry. In Salesforce Today, articles are also selected based on the accounts that are associated with attendees on a user’s upcoming mobile calendar events and on recently viewed accounts.

Account News is curated using technology provided by Salesforce pre-processes all news articles to ensure relevance, and to filter out spam and inappropriate content. It’s not possible to add or change news sources.

How To Configure Access to Account News:

When you turn on Account News, the Account News card appears automatically on Account related information pages in all versions of Salesforce1. It’s also included in Salesforce Today, which is available in the Salesforce1 downloadable apps.

Account News is disabled by default. Turn this feature on in the full Salesforce site. From Setup, click Customize | Accounts | Account settings. Look for the Enable Account Insights checkbox.

Note : If you create new Page Layouts after enabling this feature, you must add the "News" component to the Mobile Card section of the layout, or Account News will not automatically be enabled for those Layouts created after the feature is enabled. 

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