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Salesforce1 - View task details on the same window when clicked on the task list on Mobile browser app (Tablet only)

Knowledge Article Number 000212121
Description In task lists, tablet users no longer need to switch back and forth between the task list and task details. Instead, a separate column now shows the details of the task selected in a list. The tablet version of task lists is currently available in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app app only. (ONLY ON TABLETS)

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Now Tablet users can on S1 browser app, can now view the task detail within the same page when clicked on the any task on the task list. Now no need to move between Task list and task detail page on S1 browser app version on tablets.

Please note: This is currently only available on Tablets Mobile browser only.

On a tablet, the action bar displays actions for the selected task record. Swiping left on a task in the list reveals the same actions.

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