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Standard Address mapping considerations for Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000212160
Description Please review the following details around current limitations:

Maps are only displayed on sufficiently populated address fields:
(Street AND City AND (State OR Postal Code OR Country))

Maps are based on address values, not latitude/longitude that may have been stored by some organizations

Display is controlled by an org-wide (admin access) preference rather than at the page layout or permission set/profile level

Maps are automatically displayed in Salesforce/Salesforce1 based on the best match to the stored address regardless of the quality of the address.
NOTE: If the address data is of low quality or ambiguous, users may be prompted to manually choose a the correct map location via Google Maps in a new window

1) Maps do not display when offline (not currently supported in DE orgs)
2) Address mapping will only work on standard address fields

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