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Considerations around using the Visualforce Maps for Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000212163
Description Related mapping components available:
<apex:map> defines a map canvas, including map size, type, center point, and initial zoom level. 
<apex:mapMarker> child components define markers to place on the map, by address or geolocation (latitude and longitude).

** No need for javascript **
Maps that you define generate JavaScript code to render onto the page. This JavaScript connects to a mapping service and builds the map by fetching map tiles, placing markers, and even geocoding addresses if you don’t have a latitude and longitude.

For more detail on this, please visit the Visualforce Developers Guide

Please review the following details around current limitations.

Map centers & markers can be specified using GEO codes or addresses.
NOTE: There is a display limit of 10 addresses based map markers per map.  The limit is not necessarily applied to centers or markers in the order they are provided.

** Suggestion: Utilize a sort with apex class to determine top 10 results for display in order to avoid random marker, etc. results on map. (Map markers are limited to 100) **

1) Maps do not display when offline 
2) Not currently supported in DE orgs

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