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Why are decimals not saved for Standard Asset Price

Knowledge Article Number 000212172
Description User enters a decimal value on the standard Asset Price. The decimal value is lost after saving the record. The field retains the whole number alone
Resolution Users are able to see decimal place in Asset Price field (18, 0) because Multi Currency (16, 2) is enabled in their organization. But entering a decimal value in the asset field and saving it will not retain the decimal value in the field
This is working as designed.

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As a workaround the following steps can be implemented in the org:

  1. Create a custom field on Asset, of type Currency, set the length as (16, 2) and add to the page layout.
  2. You can then enter value for decimal and the system will allow you to save decimal value.
  3. In case if there is a value for standard Price field, you can add that value to the custom field that was created
  4. Once done you can then remove the standard Price field value from the page layout to avoid any kind of discrepancy

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