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Salesforce1 - Where to access Report Charts on Tablets after Spring '15 release

Knowledge Article Number 000212177
Description On tablets in landscape orientation, when users drill into a dashboard component to access the report, the chart displays in a new panel that slides open. This feature is available in versions 7.0 and later of the Salesforce1 downloadable app for iOS and in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app. When using tablets in portrait orientation or when using Salesforce1 on a smartphone, charts are still shown at the top of the report.

Note: The Chart will still show at the top for an Android Tablet using the Salesforce1 downloadable app.
Resolution Access the report chart by tapping the panel tab on the right side of the page.

To filter a report by a value in the chart, simply tap it. Tap it again to remove the filter. To filter by more than one value, tap multiple entries in the chart’s legend below the chart, but note that filtering using the legend overrides filters applied in the chart. Filtered reports are sortable. To hide the chart, swipe it closed.
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