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How to Import Tags into Salesforce using the Data Loader

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Tags are words or short phrases that users can associate with most Salesforce records to describe and organize data in a personalized way. Use tags to group records from various objects by a common theme or use, and then use those tags in search to make finding information fast and intuitive.

For example, if you met a number of contacts and leads at a conference, you might tag them all with the phrase User Conference 2011. You could then search for the User Conference 2011 tag and click that tag in search results to retrieve those records.

Salesforce supports two types of tags:

  •   Personal tags are private. Only you can view any personal tags that you add to a record.
  •   Public tags are shared among all users in an organization. Any user with access to the record can view the public tags that you add.
Resolution For more information on how to enable Tags see Enabling Tags.

Follow the steps below to import Tags into Salesforce:

- Create a CSV file with three columns labelled as 'ITEMID', 'NAME' and 'TYPE' (How to convert a .xls to a .CSV?)
Where 'NAME' is the name of the tag, 'TYPE' is the type of the tag (values can be either "Public" or "Private") and 'ITEMID' is the record Id of records i.e. Account Id, Contact Id, Lead Id etc that the Tag needs to be associated with.

Note: You can export the Record Id using Data loader tool or by creating the report.
How to export data using Data Loader: Exporting Data 
How to export a report: Export a Report

- Prepare the CSV file with TAG names, TYPE and RECORD ID the tag needs to be associated with.

Then run Data Loader by following these steps:

- Click Insert
- Log into Data Loader
- Select "Show all Salesforce objects"
- Select 'Object Name Tag' (for example Account Tag)
- Browse to select your CSV file and click 'Next >'
- Click 'Create or Edit a Map'
- Click 'Auto-Match Fields to Columns' to map the fields with csv column headers. All required fields should be mapped by default (i.e. ITEMID, NAME, and TYPE) but if not, you'll need to manually map the fields by clicking on Map)

Tags field mapping

- Click 'OK'.
- Click 'Next' > '
Specify where you want to save the output file (that shows the success and error message)' > 'Finish'

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