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See Full-Featured List Views (Tablets Only)

Knowledge Article Number 000212219

With 194 Release, the list view will shows more record details at a glance.  Plus, you will be able to have the ability of more sorting options and intuitive controls for navigating through this extra information.

Please Notes:  The tablet version of list views is currently available in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app only.

Here is some important information about list views on tablets.

  • Up to 200 standard and custom list views are available from each object home page. It’s not necessary for users to first access any list views in the full Salesforce site.
  • Information is presented the same way as in the full Salesforce site—with columns for each field and rows of records—so it’s easy to scan and compare record details (1). This tabular layout is different from the record preview cards that users see when working with list views on phones.
  • Users see all of the fields in a list, instead of the subset of fields shown on phones.
  • List view sorting (Sort Icon) from the action bar was added in the Winter ’15 release of the Salesforce1 mobile browser app and in version 7.0 of the Salesforce1 downloadable apps. Now it’s also possible to sort list views by tapping a field column header (2). Same as in the full site, most fields are sorted alphanumerically but the Opportunity Stage field is sorted by how close the opportunity is to closing.
  • List item actions are accessed by tapping List Item Action Menu Icon at the end of a record’s row (3). The swipe gesture that reveals list item actions on phones doesn’t apply on tablets.
  • 20 records are displayed per page. If a list has multiple pages, it’s easy to navigate around with the back, forward, first, and last buttons (4).

S1 List View


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