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Converting a Knowledge Article to PDF does not maintain word wrap formatting

Knowledge Article Number 000212246
Description Article content may not maintain word wrap formatting as expected when creating article PDFs on cases.
Resolution If a Knowledge article contains a link or image that is wider than the standard PDF page width, this may result in the content appearing to run off the edge of the page when it is converted to PDF. You can work around this issue by modifying the content causing the issue. 

Resize the original image and insert it into the article again. 

If the image is resized after it is inserted into the article, the PDF converter will maintain the original image size. 

Insert the link as a text link instead of the destination URL.
  1. Enter a text name for the destination. Example: Salesforce Home Page.
  2. Highlight the text
  3. Click the Link button
  4. Enter your Destination URL. Example:
  5. Click OK
The resulting link will appear as text and maintain its formatting when converted to PDF. Example: Salesforce Home Page

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