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What controls the specific Dashboard a user sees in the Dashboard Snapshot Home Tab Component?

Knowledge Article Number 000212297
Description It is possible to add a Dashboard Snapshot to the Home Page Layout. What determines the specific Dashboard a given user will see in this component?
Resolution The general behavior is for Salesforce to display to each User the top 3 components of the last dashboard that user accessed. Refer to "Designing Home Tab Page Layouts

Internal Users can choose to always display a specific Dashboard which they have access to by changing their Personal Settings.

Refer to "Changing Your Home Tab Dashboard

Note - external users do not have this personal setting, and will always be presented with the last dashboard that user accessed.

If the user haven't accessed any dashboard yet, as long as Dashboard Snapshot is enabled and home page layout is assigned to the profile, the user will have a default dashboard presented on the layout. It is being determined by the first Dashboard available in the Dashboard folder the user has access to.

Dashboard folders are listed in alphabetical order. The first dashboard folder in the order is the one that will provide the default dashboard in home page layout.

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