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Knowledge Article Number 000212298
Description How to update the due dates for a performance summary cycle in progress via Workbench?
Resolution Once the performance summary cycle is deployed, there is no way to change the due dates from the UI. However, the Administrator can follow the steps below and make the necessary changes by changing the state of the Performance Summary cycle to Draft via Workbech. Once the Performance Summary Cycle is set to a draft state, the due dates can be changed via the UI.

1. Login to Workbench as an Admin using your Salesforce credentials

2. Select the following:
  • Environment: Production
  • API Version: 34.0
3. Click on the Login with Salesforce button

4. Select
  • Jump to: SOQL Query
  • Object: WorkPerformanceCycle
5. Click on the Select button

6. Enter the following query in the Enter or modify a SOQL query below: box:

SELECT Id,Name,State FROM WorkPerformanceCycle WHERE Name = 'Q1 Review'

Note: Replace 'Q1 Review' with the name of your performance cycle name surrounded by single quotes

7. Hit the Query button

8. From the Query Results, click on the Id and select the Update link

9. Change the State field value from InProgress to Setup

10. Confirm the update

11. Go back to Salesforce and select the Performance Cycles tab then click on the cycle

12. Click on the Self Summary question set then click the Edit button to update the due dates

13. Save the changes

14. Navigate to Workbench and repeat steps 4 to 10 in order to update the state of the cycle back to Inprogress

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