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Unable to Deploy Dashboard with Filtered "Group Names" (Metadata missing)

Knowledge Article Number 000212308
Description Unable to deploy the dashboard with the Group Names specified in the dashboards as the Metadata file does not carry the Group Name files and are specific to a particular instance

Trying to deploy dashboards with the Group Name mentioned in the filter category of the dashboard, from one org to another org the Group Names doesn't carry forward to the destination org.

In the package.xml file we will see that all the data is carried apart from the Group Names.
This deployment of carrying the Group Names from one org to another org is not possible, as the Metadata file does not carry the Group Name files in their file since the Group Names are specific to particular instance. 

Tested the scenario in various versions of the orgs and all tend to show the same behavior of not carrying the Group Names into the Metadata file.

Tested from 192 sandbox to 192 sandbox
192 sandbox to 194 sandbox
192 sandbox to 192 production
194 sandbox to 194 sandbox

The "Group Names" are not included in the Metadata by design and therefore are only specific to each instance. 

This is working as designed. 

Name Type Size
192 version sandbox.png
194 version sandbox.png

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