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How can I permit my Partner users to refresh their dashboards?

Knowledge Article Number 000212338
Description When accessing the dashboards tab within the Partner Portals or Communities, you may note that they lack visibility to the Refresh button. This button would normally allow for the underlying reports serving as the data source for the components to be run to update the content of the dashboard components to the current values.
Resolution At this time, there is no ability to expose this Dashboard Refresh to members of our Portals or Communities. But couple of exception to this:

1) The Top 3 components of the dashboard displayed on the Home Tab are permitted to be refreshed by these users by clicking on the Refresh button from the Home Tab. This refresh has no bearing on the additional components below the top row on the primary dashboard itself.

This ability is currently being treated as a Feature Request. Please show your support for the addition of this feature at the IdeaExchange listing posted below.

2) External users with super user access (partner users with the “Partner Super User Access” permission and customer users with the “Portal Super User” permission) can Refresh dashboards they have access to."

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