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Create a report to identify the Running User of a dashboard

Knowledge Article Number 000212357

Did you reach the Dashboard Dynamic Dashboard limit? Learn how to identify the type of dashboard, check the number of dashboards in your Organization, and identify the Running User so that you can delete any unnecessary or unused dashboards. 

Good to know: If the Running User is set to a User that's already inactive, you can have it deleted or change the dashboard running user to make sure it's up-to-date. 


Creating the report

1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Create | Report Types.
Create a new report type and choose "Dashboard" as the main Object.
Ensure all fields are available for the report.
When you generate this report from the Reports tab you'll need the "Running User" column.
It will display one of three options:

a. The first option is the usual dashboards.
b. The second and third options are Dynamic Dashboards.
c. The third option is a Dynamic Dashboard where Users with the profile permission can change to their subordinates dashboards.

Note: This will allow Users with the appropriate permissions to override the "Viewing as" feature on the dashboard. 
  • Run as specified User
  • Run as logged-in User
  • Let authorized users change Running User

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