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Validation rule error on Order Products not showing

Knowledge Article Number 000212358
Description Steps To Reproduce:
  • In Order Products Validation rule, set the criteria (formula, etc.) Example - Contains (Product2.Name, 'Test')
  • Set the error location "on top of page"  save this validation rule
  • Go to Orders and add "Order Product" (As per above example you should have a product that contains Test in the Product name. If not create one)
  • Since the added product meets the Validation Criteria system should display the error message on top of the page
  • However the screen will stay as is and the given Error Message Will not display
Resolution Workaround:
  • On your Validation rule, error location, have the error message to show up on the field. Example 'Line Description Field'
  • If you now try to create a new record, meeting the criteria, the error message will show on the Line Description field

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