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How do I change the Pricebook on my Opportunities?

Knowledge Article Number 000212365
Description My opportunities are already associated to a pricebook, but I want to change the pricebook they're associated to. 
Resolution Using an API tool (such as the Data Loader), you can change the pricebook associated to your opportunities following the steps below: 

1) If your opportunities have Products associated, you must first delete all the products off the Opportunities. This is required in order to change the pricebook. 

a. Do an export on the Opportunity Line Item object for the Opportunities you want to change the Pricebook on. You can use the opportunity IDs in the query to export Line Items from only the desired Opportunities, or export the entire Opportunity Line Item object and do a vlookup for just the desired Opportunity IDs. 

b. Delete the Opportunity Line items off the opportunities. 

2) Update the Pricebook2ID field on the Opportunities to associate the new Pricebook ID to the opportunities. To find the Pricebook2ID, you can do a an export on the Pricebook2 object. 

3) Insert any desired products from the new Pricebook into the Opportunity Line Item object using the Price Book Entry Ids from the PriceBookentry object. Be sure to include the desired Quantity, Prices, etc. when you do the insert into the Opportunity Line item object. 


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