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Why are Knowledge Keyword Search Reports limited to 300 results per day?

Knowledge Article Number 000212374
Description When viewing a report on Knowledge Keyword Searches, or Knowledge Search Activity, the report is showing a maximum of 300 keywords in each day's results. However, more than 300 keywords have been searched for that day.
Resolution All keyword searches are kept for the current day, but due to performance reasons, the previous days will only show 300 keywords per day. This is because a batch process runs every night to truncate all but the 300 most-used keywords per channel.

For example: The report will show up to 300 of the most-used keywords for searches performed internally, and an additional 300 for searches performed from a public knowledge base.

If more granularity for searches is desired, you can use a Reporting Snapshot to track this. For more details, please view the following article: Schedule and Run a Reporting Snapshot

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