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Troubleshooting Email Delivery problems

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Some Users may notice that they do not receive emails sent from the Salesforce application. There are some instances where Salesforce can assist, and others where your Internal IT department or System Administrator will need to step in. Learn how to troubleshoot email deliverability issues, below. 

What to have your IT Department check



Most companies monitor the incoming mail and traffic from the internet by filtering the untrusted network addresses. If a single user is not receiving emails from Salesforce, it's less likely to be an issue with the IP whitelisting. If IP addresses are blocked or filtered then several Users will have problem receiving emails from the Salesforce application. The list of IP ranges is included in the "What are the Salesforce IP Addresses to whitelist?" Help & Training topic.


Configure the Email Client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail)

Sometimes the User's mail client sends the email to the Junk or Spam folder. The users themselves or with the help of their IT team can whitelist these emails to make sure the emails are received in their Inbox folder.

Troubleshooting options within the Salesforce Application

Verify the email address is correct

Always start with the Email address and make sure it's spelled correctly. Also check that there are no commas instead of the dot or blank spaces in the beginning of the email. 

Test Deliverability

Before starting to make changes in your Salesforce Organization or in your company's network, run a quick Email Deliverability test to see how many emails will end up in your Inbox. This test should give you an idea if anything is being blocked by sending several emails depending on your instance from Salesforce IP addresses.

You can perform this task by going to:


Setup | Administration Setup | Email Administration | Test Deliverability


Configure your Email Deliverability settings

Your Salesforce Administrator can improve the deliverability of emails that your Organization sends out by selecting one of the following options:

  • No access: Prevents all outbound email to and from users.
  • System email only: Allows only automatically generated emails, such as new user and password reset emails.
  • All email: Allows all types of outbound email. Default for new, non-sandbox organizations.


For example: If your Salesforce Administrator has configured the Email Administration | Deliverability in your org with No Access then it restricts emails from your org ( Production or sandbox) and to resolve this one of your Salesforce Administrators needs to change the Deliverability to System Email Only or All Emails and reset your password once more. 


Configure Email Relay

When this feature is enabled, our email server delivers all outbound emails to your email server, which then delivers them to the final recipients. Since your server is doing the final delivery, there is no question as to the legitimacy of the communications. Once our Salesforce MTA connects and authenticates with your MTA (mail server) the communication is secure. It also has the added advantage that you can filter for content, add footers, and retain a copy of all outbound emails. This option will require coordination with your IT crew, as they will have to make changes to your email server. Generally requires a dedicated server.


Explore more about Email Relay


Important: Please keep in mind there is no 100%, bullet-proof way to guarantee that all emails will show up in your clients' inbox, as IT policies may change and the criteria used to filter emails could again block emails sent from Salesforce.


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