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Why does my process not trigger when trying to filter by an ID field?

Knowledge Article Number 000212388
Description When using a Process using Process Builder I'm unable to make it work if I create an entry criteria based on an ID.

Say, for example, that I want the Process to trigger on Cases based on the Account Id they're linked to.

A Sample criteria would be: "[Case].AccountId = "0012000001A6uJE""
Resolution You need to use the 18 characters Id instead of the 15 characters Id.
If you change the entry criteria to: [Case].AccountId = "0012000001A6uJEAAZ" it would work.

When you use a formula instead of criteria, you can use the CASESAFEID function directly, eg.:
CASESAFEID( [Task].OwnerId )  = CASESAFEID( $User.Id )

To obtain the 18-character Id of a record you could use:
Note: If the operation used is "Contains" it can work with 15 character ID but if there are 2 similar ID in the org e.g 0012000001A6uJE & 0012000001A6ujE (note the letter j capitalized in one of the IDs) the process will fail. So the best practice is to use Equals operator

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