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Why do I keep getting logged out when I click on the reports or dashboards tab?

Knowledge Article Number 000212425
This happens when the Security feature "Access Policies" for Reports & Dashboard is setup to "High Assurance session required | Raise the Session Level with Step-up Authentication." The user will be logged out because the login needs to be under a "High Assurance" session. 

Screenshot of Two-Factor Authentication

(Starting from 4:32 min )

Caution Sign Image Important: If "Block Reports and Dashboards" is selected by default, the User access to Reports and Dashboards tab will be blocked. The user will see the "Insufficient Privileges" error.

Security High Assurance Image

Standard and High Assurance. The Standard session type is setup by default to "Username and Password" or "Delegated Authentication (Single Sign-On)." Meaning, when someone logs in through Username and Password or Single Sign-On, it's considered a standard session login.

The High Assurance is by default configured to be active when the User logins in with Two-Factor Authentication. When this happens, the User session is considered as with High Assurance.

Security Session Settings Image




Remove the High Assurance Session option

If the settings are like above, please uncheck the "High Assurance session required" option from: 

  • Salesforce classic UI: Setup | Customize | Reports & Dashboards | Access Policies | High Assurance session required. 
  • New Lighting UI: Click top-right gear icon | Setup Home | Apps | Analytics | | Reports & Dashboards | Access Policies | High Assurance session required. 

to prevent users being logged out of the system when clicking on the Reports or Dashboards tab.

Security Access Policies Image

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