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Why is Case "Asset" field not available in "Activities with Cases" Standard Report?

Knowledge Article Number 000212429
Description Case Asset field is not available in Standard Report on Activities with Cases
Resolution Case Asset field is hidden by default to all profiles including the system administrator. Hence this is not visible in any of the standard report type on cases

To have the case "Asset" field visible on case reports do the following steps:

Make the Case Asset Field visible to the required profile:
  • Click on Your name (Top Right hand side) >> Set Up >> Administration Setup >> Security Controls >> Field Accessibility
  • Choose Account >> View By Fields >> Cases
  • Choose the Field Access For the required profile - Read only or editable as per requirement
Making the field available in page layout
  • Click on your name (Top right hand side) >> Set Up >> App Setup >> Cases >> Page Layouts
  • Edit the appropriate page layouts you want this field to be available in

Once done Create Custom Report Type with cases as primary object and activities as secondary object

Refer to the following document for creating customer report type - Custom Report Type

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