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What are some Notes and Attachments field limits?

Knowledge Article Number 000212444
Description We would like to know a little bit about Notes and Attachments field limits.
Resolution Attachment Fields


Maximum of 500 Characters
File Name Maximum of 255 Characters
Size You can attach files—such as Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDFs, and images and videos to most kinds of Salesforce records. The size limit for an attached file is 25 MB when attached directly to the related list, including a file attached to a solution.The size limit for multiple files attached to the same email is 10 MB, with a  maximum size of 5 MB per file
Note Fields
Body Text of the note can hold up to 32 KB of data or 32,000 Characters
Title Maximum of 80 characters

Note: Since these are standard fields the limits are currently hard coded and cannot be increased.  Also if your Org needs Attachment Size evaluated contact Salesforce Support to see if your org is eligible for this limit change.

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