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Why does a User see a Related List on the Parent object when they do not have visibility to the child object's lookup field?

Knowledge Article Number 000212451
Description A User does not have visibility to a lookup field on a child object. The field is hidden from the User. However, when the User goes to the Parent object's record, they see the Child object's Related List. When they click "New" on the Related List to create a child record, they are able to create the record successfully, however, the record does not appear on the Parent records Related List. Why is that Related List visible if the User does not have access to the lookup field? 

Example: On Object A, create a custom Lookup field to a Object B, but make that field hidden from Profile A. When Profile A goes to Object B, they see the Related List for Object A. They create a new record from that Related List, however, that record does not show up in the Related list on Object B, because they do not have visibility to that Lookup field.
Resolution This is working as designed. Even though the User does not have access to the lookup field that creates the relationship between Object A and Object B, they do have access to the child object. It is suggested that for those User's that do not have Field Level Access to the lookup field, you create a custom Page Layout for those User's Profiles and remove the child object Related List from the Page Layout so they do not have the option to create a New child record from the Related List. 

For assistance with creating a Page Layout, please see "Creating Page Layouts".

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