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Modifying the Chatter email notifications for Community users via the Data Loader

Knowledge Article Number 000212455
Description We would like to mass add users to a communities chatter group. We do not want emails going out to customers when mass adding them to the groups.
Resolution  Chatter email notifications can be toggled for community users by performing an update operation to the NetworkMember object using Data Loader.
1. Export the CSV file via Data Loader. Make sure that you include and select the following fields so they're included in your export file as columns on the spreadsheet:

- NETWORKID (Community ID)


- PREFERENCESDISABLEALLFEEDSEMAIL - Can only have the value of TRUE or FALSE. By setting the field's value to TRUE you are effectively performing the same action as deselecting the "Receive emails" preference via the community member's Chatter Email Settings.

2. Modify the file according to your preference. Some permissions can also be toggled by looking at the NetworkMember table.

3. Mass Update the NetworkMember table using Data Loader.

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