Print this page Is it possible to filter out incomplete metrics for completed goals?

Knowledge Article Number 000212468
The Open Metrics related list in the coaching space displays all metrics which haven’t been completed. This includes metrics for which the goal have been completed.
While it’s possible to filter out such metrics using a custom VisualForce component, a simpler customization is to add a Goal Status to indicate which goals have been completed. Sorting by Goal Status will move these metrics to the bottom of the list.

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Resolution First set up the formula field:
  1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | | Goals | Fields
  2. Click the New button under Goal Custom Fields & Relationships
  3. Select Formula and click Next
  4. Enter the following and click Next:
    1. Field Label: Goal Status
    2. Field Name: Goal_Status
    3. Formula Return Type: Text
  5. Enter the following formula and click Next:
           if(ISNULL(Parent.CompletionDate), 'In Progress','Completed')
  1. Ensure that all profiles using Coaching have visibility to the field and click Next
  2. Uncheck Add field to layouts and click Save
Next, add the formula field to the Open Metrics related list
  1. Navigate to Setup | Customize | | Coaching | Page Layouts and select the layout to modify
  2. Click on the settings for Open Metrics
  3. Select “Goal Status” from the Available Fields and add to the Selected Fields
  4. Change Sort by to Goals Status Descending
  5. Click Save

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