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Salesforce for Outlook Recurring Event frequency

Knowledge Article Number 000212481
Description Recurring Events in Salesforce have occurrence limits depending on the event frequency:

Daily: 100
Weekly: 53
Monthly: 59
Yearly: 9

The occurrence limit does not exist in Outlook so the Salesforce for Outlook plugin must respect the Salesforce limits when a recurring event is synchronized to Salesforce.
Resolution If the occurrence limit in Outlook exceeds the Salesforce limit on the initial sync, Salesforce for Outlook will add the remaining occurrences in a rolling interval that is 25% of the occurrence limit of the frequency.

For example: If a daily recurring event with 200 syncs to Salesforce, Salesforce for Outlook will sync the first 100 occurrences.  When 25 have passed, then the next 25 will sync.

Salesforce for Outlook may also extend the series in Salesforce on other non-auto-extend related updates, e.g. an occurrence being modified or the series itself being modified. 

Note: if a series of events starts in the past, Salesforce for Outlook will also sync past occurrences.  An example here is if a daily event starts 50 days in the past, SFO will sync 100 days into the future and 50 days from the past, giving a total of 150 records.  Currently, SFO only synchronizes recurring events that have started during the last year.  The limits for past record sync will be changed in a future release to accommodate:
Daily, Weekly, Weekdays: 1 year in the past
Monthly: 5 years in the past
Yearly: 10 years in the past

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