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Reporting on a Parent Object and More than One Child Object

Knowledge Article Number 000212483
Description Custom Report Types allow admins to create a report type for a primary object and a child object. Custom report types can also include a "grandchild" and a "greatgrandchild" object but not "sibling" objects.

To report on multiple child objects with the same parent, create a joined report with one report type for each parent-child relationship. Each report type should be a separate block.

To make results more meaningful, select a common field (from the parent object) to group across blocks.
Resolution For example: Steps to create a report on Products and Quotes, which are both child objects of Opportunities:

1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click "New Report."
2. Select the Report Type "Opportunities with Products" and click "Create."
3. Change the format from "Tabular Format" to "Joined Format."
4. Click the button "Add Report Type."
5. In the window that pops up, select the Report Type "Opportunities with Quotes and Quote Line Items" and click "OK."
6. From the pane on the left, select the field "Opportunity Name" and drag it into the blue area that says "Drop a field here to group across report blocks."

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