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Is it possible to include custom field on article report?

Knowledge Article Number 000212506
Description How can a custom field in an article be reported on?
Resolution In order to achieve this follow the steps below:

a) Create a Custom field in Article type:
  • Click on Setup | App Setup | Customize | Knowledge | Article Type
  • Click on the Article Type Label you want to add the field on - Example FAQ, Scanners, Printers etc., (depending on your configuration)
  • Click on New button in the Fields List
  • Select data type | Field Name | Field Level Security

b) Create a custom report type:
  • Click on Setup | App Setup | Create | Report Types
  • If the screen "What is a custom Report Type" shows click on Continue
  • Click on New Custom Report Type
  • Choose the Primary Object as the Article Type where you have added the field - FAQ or Scanner or Printer (as per your configuration)
  • Set it to Development or Deployed depending on whether you want to expose it to users or not. (Note: A report type with deployed status is available for use in the report wizard. While in development, report types are visible only to authorized administrators and their delegates.)
  • Click Next
  • Choose the secondary object as Article Version
  • Save the report
  • Click on the Edit layout and add the custom field
The custom field is now available to be added in reports that you would build on this article type

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