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Knowledge Article Number 000212521
Description You can now customize Coaching fields, page layouts, and list views, and also make additional changes for your teams.
Resolution Coaching has a new user interface that behaves like other Salesforce objects. Access your individual coaching spaces from the Coaching tab or the Coaching subtab on your Chatter profile. Create new coaching spaces from the Coaching tab.

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The coaching detail page lists the goals, metrics, activities, notes, and attachments related to a particular coaching space. This page shows the goals owned by the person being coached. However, committed goals will no longer be displayed out of the box. Click Show Feed to see the feed related to a coaching space.

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You can now customize fields, layouts, list views, and actions related to coaching. The feature also supports standard Salesforce sharing and has additional support for Salesforce1.

Note the following limitations:
  • No default list views are defined. You should create your own filters (such as My Coaches, People I Coach) that are suitable for your organization.
  • Participants won’t be automatically notified when a coaching relationship is set to inactive, but you can configure Chatter feed tracking on the Inactive field to track this change.

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