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Contact matching with Exchange Sync

Knowledge Article Number 000212523
When Contacts initially sync, Exchange Sync checks to see whether a Contact with the same email address exists in both Exchange and Salesforce. If a matching email address exists, the two contacts are synced. If it doesn't exist, the process checks to see whether a Contact with the same first name, last name, and company name exists. If it doesn’t exist, a new Contact is created and the two are synced.  The same logic works for any subsequent new Contacts created and synced in Outlook or Salesforce

See the diagram below.  Note Contacts synced into Salesforce with a Company name in Outlook that doesn't match an existing Account in Salesforce can be associated with  the correct Account in the users Unresolved Items area.
User-added image
Resolution Here are a couple of added scenarios to take into consideration:

1. If a user doesn't have Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) on Accounts in Salesforce and a Contact synced has a perfect match of the Exchange Company name with an Account in Salesforce the Contact is created as a private contact (Contact with no related Account) in Salesforce, and this doesn't create an Association Queue Item.

2. If a user has no visibility due to sharing limitations on a Account matching an Exchange Contact company name during the sync the sync will create a Contact in Salesforce with the Account field set to NULL (private contact), and create a corresponding Association Queue Item for the record.

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