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Circles of Success - Manage Change for Small Businesses

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Manage Change for Small Businesses

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Join us for a virtual best practices discussion to determine the characteristics of how to effectively navigate Salesforce change within a small business. We will explore three main themes within this conversation:

User-added imageWho should manage Salesforce decisions?
  • Creating a group to advocate and guide Salesforce: defining roles and responsibilities of team members
  • Lead the charge with proper planning and execution
User-added imageHow do you determine which new features and processes should be introduced?
  • Listen to your users: collecting user requests/feedback
  • How to adopt new Salesforce features: learn what's new, determine what's possible and timing considerations
User-added imageWhat is the best way to introduce change to your users?
  • Prepare for change: managing fears, communicating value and "What's In it For Me?"
  • Educate for success: getting users familiar with new processes or tools


The discussion will involve a number of other Small Business customers. You can ask questions, share ideas, discuss options, and participate – that is the mantra for a successful Circles of Success best practices discussion. 

Target Audience

User-added imageBusiness users in organizations with < 250 employees.

Learning Objectives

You will walk out of this Circles of Success best practice discussion with:

User-added imageAn understanding of how to effectively manage your Salesforce organization
User-added imageResources you can leverage to enhance and adopt new features in Salesforce
User-added imageRecommended practices for introducing change to your organization


User-added imageAccess to a PC or Mac with ability to install GoToWebinar

Success Community Topics:

Any discussions/collaboration on the Salesforce Success Community relevant to this Roundtable will be tagged with the following Topics.

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User-added image#CirclesOfSuccess
User-added image#ChangeManagement
User-added image#SMB

For more resources check out the Getting Started with Salesforce Hub and the Achieve More Hub


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