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Circles of Success - 7 Principles of Success with Salesforce

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7 Principles of Success with Salesforce

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Whether you're starting your first Salesforce project or revisiting an existing implementation, managing a successful Salesforce implementation is key to getting (and staying!) on the path to success. But as organizations grow more complex and the needs of your business users evolve, careful planning up front pays dividends down the road. 
Identifying an executive sponsor, planning for future growth, and dedicating resources to your Salesforce implementation and maintenance are all critical factors for success, as is choosing an implementation partner who best suits your specific needs. 
This roundtable session will be a highly interactive small group session where we will focus on strategies for planning your implementation to achieve success and maximize adoption. Some of the key topics we will cover include (but not limited to):
✓Key questions to ask before beginning a Salesforce implementation
✓Ideas and strategies to promote a successful launch
✓How to define success metrics, establish governance, and create a roadmap

Target Audience
✓Business users, Business Sponsors and Salesforce Administrators.

Learning Objectives
You will walk out of this Circles of Success best practice discussion with the ability to make decisions on:
✓Strategies for planning and executing your implementation.
✓Best practices to make your go-live a success
✓Resources to help you going forward

✓Access to a PC or Mac with ability to install GoToWebinar

Success Community Topics:
Any discussions/collaboration on the Salesforce Success Community relevant to this Roundtable will be tagged with the following Topics.

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