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Circles of Success - Sell More with Leads and Opportunity Management

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Sell More with Lead and Opportunity Management

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Are you a small business Sales Leader looking for prescriptive guidance on deploying OR optimizing Salesforce so your team can sell more NOW? Then, this INTERACTIVE virtual circle is for you! 
You will have the chance to discuss with other like-sized business sales leaders to get tips, tricks and best practices on how to leverage leads and opportunities for your sales process and get the most from your Salesforce investment. 
You should leave this circle with:
✓Ideas on how to set up leads and opportunities optimally for your business
✓Tips on how to get better sales user adoption
✓Recommendations for Appexchange apps for better sales reporting
✓Direction to online resources to ensure you are getting ongoing support

Target Audience
✓SMB Business Owners or Sales Leaders. You are a new customer or an existing customers looking to re-vamp.

Learning Objectives
You will walk out of this Circles of Success best practice discussion with the ability to make decisions on:
✓Identifying your key stakeholders.
✓Your Sales Processes.
✓Determining the best visibility and access.
✓Your end-to-end customer experience.
✓How to balance a win-win strategy for your users.
✓Enable your mobile workforce with Salesforce1.

✓Access to a PC or Mac with ability to install GoToWebinar

Success Community Topics:
Any discussions/collaboration on the Salesforce Success Community relevant to this Roundtable will be tagged with the following Topics.

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