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Circles of Success - Become a Data Management Rockstar

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Become a Data Management Rockstar

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Are you struggling to maintain the cleanliness and completeness of your data in Salesforce? Are you looking for best practices for using Salesforce functionality to manage your data effectively? 
Join us in a Circles of Success best practices discussion along witha number of otherSalesforce customers in a moderated interactive discussion on strategies to own and manage your company’s data. Ask questions, share ideas, discuss, and engage – that’s the blueprint for a successful best practice discussion!
Some of the key topics we will cover include:
✓Importance of naming standards
✓Top data validation rules for keeping data clean
✓Sharing model implications on data management
✓Employing the right data management tools
✓Using built-in functionality to automatically de-dupe and keep your data clean
✓Effectively implementing data governance

Target Audience
✓Business leaders with intermediate level knowledge of Salesforce administration/configuration.

Learning Objectives
You will walk out of this Circles of Success best practice discussion with the ability to make decisions on:
✓Strategies for ensuring that data is entered properly into Salesforce
✓Best Practices around how to clean and manage your data in Salesforce
✓Resources you can leverage to take advantage of Salesforce built in data management capabilities
✓Recommended apps from the Salesforce AppExchange

✓Access to a PC or Mac with ability to install GoToWebinar

Success Community Topics:
Any discussions/collaboration on the Salesforce Success Community relevant to this Roundtable will be tagged with the following Topics.

For more resources check out the Achieve More Hub: Improve Data Quality


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