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"Email Privileges Revoked" error when sending emails in the Production / Sandbox Orgs.

Knowledge Article Number 000212576
Description The following error message is displayed upon trying to send an email from the organization:

"Email Privileges Revoked 
Your organization's email privileges have been revoked due to non-compliance with our Terms of Use. Please contact your administrator or submit a case to have a representative contact you. 

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  • Users do not see the Send an Email button in Contact, Lead or Case related list, even if it is has been added to the object related list page layout.
  • Workflow or auto-response rules and apex codes that are designed to send out emails, will not do so and see the error "Email Privileges Revoked"

This error is caused when the Email Deliverability settings in the organization are set to No Access or System Email Only.

This issue can be resolved by making the following changes:
Your Name | Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability | 
Change the "Access level" to All Email

Enhanced User Interface click path:
Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability | Change the "Access level" to All Email

i. The Email Deliverability access is set to No Access by default when a sandbox is newly created or refreshed

ii. The setting changes do not reflect in the Setup Audit Trail log; however Salesforce Support can view the Organization History to track the modifications
iii. If the issue happens in Production, please contact Salesforce Support and ask to check the Organization History as this cannot be seen from the System Audit Trail
iv. Only users with System Administrators privileges will be able to make the changes

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