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Missing attachment button when using email option with the case feed

Knowledge Article Number 000212578
Description When a user clicks on a case and selects the email option button, sometimes the 'ättachment' image may not display as shown in the below screenshot.
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If the attachment option is NOT available in the case feed you can do the following to enable this button.
Resolution This button may be missing due to the case page layout - feed view configuration.

1. To enable, go to setup -> Customize -> Cases
2. Select Page Layouts
3. Click edit beside the case page layout in which the attachment button is not available
4. Select 'Feed View' in the top right hand corner of the screen
5. Scroll down to Email Action Items
6. For 'Select Email Tools' select the tools to include in the Email Action, once added and saved, these buttons will appear on the email options in the case feed
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This Feature is available in Aloha (Salesforce Classic) and not in Lightning Experience.

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