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Mass updating Email Encoding Org wide for email templates

Knowledge Article Number 000212596
Description Administrators have the ability to mass update the users' default email encoding org wide through the Data Loader. This is useful when users create email templates as the default email encoding will be selected automatically. 
Resolution To update User record's email encoding:

1) Export the Users' Id and existing email template encoding.

a) Log in to the Data Loader
b) Click Export
c) Select the User (User) object
d) Select the fields you need to export. Typically, as with any update operation you'd select to export the fields you desire to update. In this scenario you'll select the Id and EmailEncodingKey fields.
e) Click Finish

2) Update the information on the exported csv. file

Update the exported user's EmailEncodingKey values in your resulting export's file.

Valid values include:

UTF-8: “Unicode (UTF-8)” in the UI
ISO-8859-1: “General US & Western Europe (ISO-8859–1, ISO-LATIN-1)” in the UI
Shift_JIS: “Japanese (Shift-JIS)” in the UI
ISO-2022-JP: “Japanese (JIS)” in the UI
EUC-JP: “Japanese (EUC)” in the UI
ks_c_5601-1987: “Korean (ks_c_5601–1987)” in the UI
Big5: “Traditional Chinese (Big5)” in the UI
GB2312: “Simplified Chinese (GB2312)” in the UI
BIG5-HKSCS: “Traditional Chinese Hong Kong (Big5–HKSCS)” in the UI
x-SJIS_0213: “Japanese (Shift-JIS_2004)” in the UI

3) Update the user records with the Data Loader

a) Log in to the Data Loader
b) Click Update
c) Select the User (User) object 
d) Select Browse and find your updated csv. file, click Next >
e) Click Create or Edit a Map
f) Map the fields
g) Click Next and then Finish

Expected Behavior 

When users create an email template, the email encoding you have set in your update file will be selected by default.

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