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Opportunity Owner Role not available as Dashboard Filter Field

Knowledge Article Number 000212632
Description When adding a dashboard filter to a dashboard with components that use a combination of Standard Opportunity Report type and Custom Opportunity Report Type, the Opportunity Role owner or equivalent fields do not show up as options to filter the dashboard.

Resolution The opportunity owner role in the standard report type is looking for the field "Role Name as displayed on reports" (Edit the Role under Setup | Manage Users | Role | Select and Edit a Role) WHILE with the role field that may have been added in the Opportunity Custom Report Type through look up are getting the "Role Name" field. These are 2 different fields. And, this is the reason why the Opportunity Owner Role or equivalent fields do not show up as an option to filter the dashboard.

The equivalent "Role Name as displayed on reports" field in the custom report type is called "Description". To add the "Description" in the Custom Report Type, the look up click path would be Opportunities Owner > Role > Description. Therefore by adding the said field, the opportunity owner role should now appear as an option in the dashboard filter.

For reference on equivalent fields, please visit the article here.

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