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Is there a limit around Macros and Macro Instructions that we should be aware of?

Knowledge Article Number 000212639
Description We are using Macros and we would like to know if there are any limits of Macros that can be created per Object, per Organization and also the number of Instructions per Macro. Is there any limit or recommendation?
Resolution There's no limit of Macros that can be created per Organization nor per Object.
Currently there is also no limit on the maximum number of Instructions per Macro. That being said, we don't recommend to have more than 50 Instructions per Macro as performance might be impacted.

Summer '15 Update
We changed the search from client-side to server-side in order to remove the previous 400-macro display limit. As a result, searches can take longer because they are running on the server. For best performance, the maximum number of macros that a user can access is 5,000 macros.
Summer '15 Release NotesEnhancements to Searching for Macros

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