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Salesforce for Outlook has stopped working

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Salesforce for Outlook fails with this error message:


"Salesforce for Outlook has stopped working and needs to work."


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This is most probably related to a corrupted Outlook profile or Windows profile. You would need to refer to your internal IT team to recreate your Outlook or Windows profile. The tricky part is that most other applications would work fine without an issue except Salesforce for Outlook.

Sometimes the error message is showing up in the background and Salesforce for Outlook system tray icon gets stuck on a certain percentage or stays gray.

*Before following the solution below, please make sure to follow article: Complete Uninstall install for Salesforce for Outlook


STEP 1 - A corrupted Outlook Profile
STEP 2 - A corrupted user's Windows profile

- A corrupted Outlook Profile
To perform this step, you would need to reach out to our Internal Help Desk and ask them to recreate your Outlook profile. Only your Internal Help Desk (IT) team knows the correct configuration for your Exchange server URL and the necessary ports

If you do not have an IT team and are using Office 365, you can reach out to Microsoft support to recreate your Outlook profile. You can even search the Microsoft knowledge base for more information

You can also refer to the following links by Microsoft for more information

- How to create profile and set up an e-mail account in Outlook

- Fix your Outlook email connection by repairing your profile

- A corrupted user's Windows profile

* Using this Article uninstall Salesforce for Outlook completely

if none of the steps 1 through 5 resolved the issue, you may need to ask your IT department to create a new Windows profile (username) on your computer and see if the that resolves the issue. Once everything is working in the new Windows profile then you can ask your IT to transfer your data. Your IT can simply log in with their account and rename your Windows profile from C:\users\ and have you re-login. Your old profile won't be deleted in case this does not resolve the issue. For example if your username is JDoe they can change it to JDoe.old

If you do not have an IT department you can follow the steps below in order to create a new profile (Windows username). This link from Microsoft also has a video that would walk you through this process.

1- You need to be logged in to your computer as a local Administrator to create this new account. You can do this from Control Panel | Users

2. Assuming you already uninstall Salesforce for Outlook, log off and log in with your new username.

3. Windows will take a little bit longer since it will try to configure your profile for the first time. Once you see your Desktop you try to install SFO and see if the issue is still reproducible before copying your data from the old profile.

They must log you off first, switching users will keep you logged in hence won't allow them to rename your profile

If you have an Exchange email, company email, you must have your IT department assist you with this task. After you create a new user profile, you would have to create a new Outlook profile and transfer your Outlook data file along with My Documents, and other data

The Microsoft link below will assist you with creating a new Outlook profile if you do NOT have an IT department

How to create and configure an email profile in Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2003

Additional information from Microsoft support
Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2010 not responding, hangs, freezes or stopped working



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