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BEST PRACTICES: Sales Process Mapping - Opportunity Stages with Entrance and Exit Criteria

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Salesforce Cloud Services

Sales Process Mapping

Sample Opportunity Stages with Entrance and Exit Criteria
Stage%Entrance CriteriaExit CriteriaWho's Involved?
  • Converted lead
  • First meeting scheduled 
  • Presented product suite
Needs Analysis20
  • First meeting held
  • List of requirements generated
  • Reviewed requirements with prospect
  • Identified decision makers at prospect
  • Identified how to meet requirements
  • Entered in estimated amount
  • Entered in estimated close date
Proposal Creation30
  • Requirements and solution determined
  • Three proposals are created
  • Proposals are approved by Ops, Manager (VP if > 20% discount)
  • Updated amount and close date
  • Scheduled meeting to review proposal with decision makers
Sales Ops
Sales Manager
Sales VP
Proposal Presentation50
  • Scheduled meeting
  • Presented all three options
  • Prospect verbally commits to a deal or signs a letter of intent
  • Prospect agrees to the proposal
  • Contract is drawn up (by legal if non-standard)
  • Prospect signs contract
  • Prospect issues PO
Sales Ops
Closed Won100
  • PO is approved
  • PO is set up for invoicing
  • Product is shipped
Sales Ops
  • Product is shipped
 Sales Ops
Closed Lost0
  • Prospect ends sales cycle
 Sales Ops
Pre-sales Consultant

Process mapping is a valuable exercise that provides users with a visual overview of their organization's processes. This diagram highlights how an organization could define each stage of the sales process and model it within Salesforce by leveraging the Opportunity Object.

Before implementing changes to Salesforce, map out your organization's ideal process to determine which fields, values, and stages are relevant to your organization. Discuss the sample process with your project team and modify it to fit your organization. If you don’t have a defined sales process, a CRM implementation is a good time to set one up.

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