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BEST PRACTICES: Chatter Adoption - Creating a Chatter Group to Announce New Features or Strategic Initiatives

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Chatter Adoption

Whether your organization is looking to launch a new feature within Salesforce or announce a major company-wide initiative, Chatter is a great channel for soliciting end-user feedback. Chatter groups are a great way to drive Chatter Adoption and increase overall end-user adoption.  Here are some ideas that will help empower your users by making their voice heard through Chatter:
  • In the weeks preceding the launch of your new feature or initiative, create a Chatter group and invite the project team. Include any users who are testing or piloting the new feature, and encourage them to provide feedback early and often.
  • Identify promoters who could serve as end-user champions and detractors who offer constructive recommendations for future improvements. 
  • Use end-user feedback to drive project team meetings and Salesforce steering committee meetings.
  • Drive internal roadmap planning sessions based on end-user feedback.
  • Document useful recommendations using hashtags such as #greatresource. Chatter Topics organize Chatter posts and allow users to quickly view trending discussions.
  • Periodically publish polls within the user group to gauge end-users' satisfaction with the new feature or initiative. 

Some examples of Chatter groups that will help get your end users talking include:
  • A company all-hands group for major announcements. 
  • An all-hands call Q&A group that executives will use for answering questions during a company-wide meeting.
  • A group for announcing a new Custom Object or changes to the Sales Process. 

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